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Founders Club Bucharest: How to leverage AI to deliver better business outcomes

The Bucharest Founders Club, in collaboration with EIT Digital, Startup Reaktor, Techcelerator, TechAngels, Magurele Science Park, DiFine PR, and various other local participants in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, cordially invites you to the monthly meetup series. The aim is to present exemplary practices and success stories from local startups making global strides.

Throughout these events, we foster connections for founders with like-minded peers, advisors, investors, technology partners, innovators within local companies, and public stakeholders.

For the first edition of Startup Founders Bucharest, we had the pleasure of hosting distinguished guests. Cosmin Ochisor, Partner at Gapminder VC, and Florin Tufan, Co-Founder and CEO of Veridion (formerly known as Soleadify) and an esteemed Techcelerator alumnus. Veridion specializes in enriching business data, boasting extensive coverage of private companies, accurate classification, and profound insights derived from real-time updates. Their offerings find utility in various domains, such as procurement, insurance, market intelligence, and more.

In February of this year, Veridion successfully secured $6 million in its latest seed funding round to facilitate its expansion into the U.S. The investment involved the participation of GapMinder Venture Partners, LAUNCHub Ventures, OTB Ventures, Underline Ventures, and Day One Capital. These funds will further support the development of Veridion’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

During the event, Cosmin and Florin engaged in a lively conversation. Cosmin, intrigued by Veridion’s impressive growth, asked Florin about the challenges they faced during their expansion into the U.S. Florin enthusiastically shared their journey, highlighting the importance of the sales force quality, the collaboration between the sales department and the technical department, and market research. He mentions how their AI tools played a crucial role in capturing the attention of investors and gaining a competitive edge.

Florin also mentioned other big projects he is working on, such as the Hacking Big Numbers Hackathon! Florin will be organizing this exciting event where AI converges with Business Data. From July 7th to 9th, join Florin and a community of tech enthusiasts to tackle real-world challenges and showcase your innovative ideas. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn from industry mentors and engage in a creative atmosphere, but there’s also an incredible grand prize of 6000 euros awaiting the winning team.