Join the community of energy stakeholders to launch the leading regional

CleanTech Nexus Accelerator

for start-ups & tech innovators looking to partner with the energy sector in Romania, Republic of Moldova & South-East European markets

CleanTech Accelerator

In collaboration with Romania’s Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Moldova, and
energy & utility companies, Techcelerator is cultivating a network of industry collaborators and top-tier investors to inaugurate the CleanTech Accelerator in Romania & SEE. Our initiative is designed to assist startups and creators in developing significant technological solutions, propelling the clean technology industry forward, and influencing
the regional energy sector.

Start-ups selected to join our regional recurent program will gain access to a suite of priceless benefits such as collaborative commercial ventures with industry frontrunners, expert advice in business, technology, and fundraising from seasoned industry professionals, and direct connections to premier venture capital (VC) funds targeting the energy industry.

In collaboration with:

Romania's Energy Ministry and Techcelerator Boost Innovation

This initiative is part of the collaboration between the Ministry of Energy in Romania and Techcelerator, along with collaboration from other regional energy ministries, major national energy companies, European technology suppliers, and leading investors all committed to supporting developers of highly promising and innovative solutions.
"We are on a mission to mitigate risks and hasten the shift towards a cleaner industry. We endorse innovative technologies that lower energy expenses, enhance efficiency, decrease greenhouse gas outputs, generate employment, and bolster market competitiveness."
Sebastian Burduja
Energy Ministry of Romania

Join the CleanTech Accelerator

The SEE CleanTech Accelerator presents a distinctive chance to become part of a community involving seasoned industry professionals, dedicated investors, and key specialists. This accelerator offers unparalleled access to a vast array of resources within the networks of Techcelerator, Ministry of Energy in Romania & Republic of Moldova, the resources of the program partners, venture capitalists, and the wider innovation ecosystem, along with various exclusive advantages.

Opportunities for commercial partnerships & POCs with the affiliated program companies in Romania, Moldova & SEE

Funding through Romanian and European grant programs

Entry to regional energy initiatives, market testing pilots & sandboxes

Expedited access to a variety of venture capital funds for scaling startups

…among many other perks.

A more resilient future for clean energy in SEE via partnerships between large energy players and innovators

In addition, chosen start-ups will receive technological assistance to solidify their business base and the necessary infrastructure to evolve, examine, test, and refine their innovations. Moreover, participants will gain entry to other awards and essential start-up benefits courtesy of the program’s energy partners.
"We are excited to introduce the SEE CleanTech Accelerator, aimed at backing start-ups and innovators who are crafting inventive solutions in clean energy, thus aiding in the creation of a more sustainable and healthier world. Our goal is to propel the expansion of high-tech solutions into the clean energy sector and lay the groundwork for a future that is more innovative and sustainable."
Cristian Dascalu, Managing Partner

Why join as a startup?

Partnerships with Top Energy & Utilities Corporations

Product, Technology and Commercial

Fast Track to

Open Application for technology innovators & startups

Benefits for corporate and program partners

Fast forward option towards an optimezed formula to expand your company innovation assestment

An avenue to discover startup teams and innovators for joint ventures and investments

Artboard 69

Optimized way to explore collaborations between your company and the startup community

A great way to engage in POCs with national & international innovators

Develop your team engagement with the innovation mindset.

Position yourself as a regional active innovator and build a brand around this topic

Support the startup and entrepreneurial community

Support the development of the regional cleantech community focused on startups and innovators from SEE

Which start-ups and deep tech providers should apply?

CLEANTECH ACCELERATOR is dedicated to supporting emerging-impact and high-tech companies developing innovative solutions in the following Clean Tech verticals:

Digital and Smart Solutions for Cleantech (1)

Utilizing advanced analytics, AI, and IoT to optimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and improve the efficiency of renewable energy systems

Advanced Renewable Energy Solutions (2)

Expanding on solar and wind with emerging technologies and integrating them into smart grids for optimized performance.

Comprehensive Green Hydrogen Ecosystem (3)

Developing end-to-end solutions for green hydrogen production, including electrolysis powered by renewables, alongside innovative transport and storage solutions to facilitate its use as a clean energy carrier.

Next-Generation Carbon Management (4)

Enhancing carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies, and exploring new methodologies for direct air capture (DAC) to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels more efficiently.

Expanded Circular Economy Practices (5)

Broadening recycling initiatives to include textile, electronic waste, and plastics recycling, alongside promoting zero-waste practices and sustainable product design principles.

Storage Breakthroughs (6)

Investigating beyond conventional batteries to include flow batteries, compressed air energy storage, and other novel storage technologies to enable longer storage periods and greater efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Urban Infrastructure (7)

Developing green buildings, eco-friendly urban planning solutions, and sustainable transportation networks to reduce urban environmental footprints.

Water & Hidro Management Technologies (8)

Implementing smart technologies for hidro & water management. Including wastewater treatment methods to preserve water resources.

Carbon Sequestration (9)

Promoting sustainable practices and technologies that enhance carbon sequestration to reduce emissions.

Sustainable Materials and Chemicals (10)

Advancing the development and use of biodegradable materials, bio-based chemicals, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to reduce pollution and resource consumption.

Cyber Security projects for energy infrastructure (11)
Open Zone - for other areas you think we might be interested (12)

Participant Advantages

The SEE CleanTech Accelerator extends beyond mere competition; it
aims to forge meaningful connections between cleantech startups, R&D centers and innovators with industry players, and financial backers. Startups selected for the
program will benefit from numerous advantages, including:

Strategic Alliances with Leading Companies and access to specialized service tracks.

Opportunities for paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) addressing challenges posed by partner companies.

Sandbox Environments offering access to pertinent infrastructure and industry partnerships.

An exclusive Accelerated Investment Route, streamlined by Techcelerator and its affiliates.

Integration with an international network of Venture Capitalists.

Dedicated Technical Support and Guidance from seasoned industry professionals.

The opportunity for chosen teams to showcase at the Demo Day Gala, pitching directly to prominent investors.

Join us

Application Process

Interested parties should submit their applications to the CleanTech Accelerator in one of the 3 application deadlines of the program (July 4 / Aug 1 / Sept 19, 2024). 

In the program we designed a dynamic evaluation process and as soon as you apply you will receive the evaluation team feedbacks and inputs in order to enhance and fast track your interaction with the corporate program partners.

Key Dates and Events in 2024

Jan 14 - March 1
Concept adaptation with the program partners
Jan 14 - March 1
March 1 - June 6
Auditing the needs - innitial process - scanning the process of innovation - digitalization - deep tech opportunities inside the partner companies
March 1 - June 6
June 6
Launch the CleanTech & DeepTech Challenges – the regional open call in partnership with the Ministry of Energy in Romania & Republic of Moldova together with the first 10 energy local & regional companies
June 6
July 4
Application dead line #1
Dinamic evaluation of the first batch of national and international applicants
July 4
Aug 1
Application dead line #2 deadline for deep-tech solutions and startups from SEE Europe
Aug 1
Sept 19
Application dead line #3 deadline for deep-tech solutions and startups from SEE Europe
Sept 19
Continuous generation of POCs inside the participating partner companies
September 26-27
CleanTech ScaleMatch Event #1
September 26-27
Clean Tech Accelerator Bootcamp #1
Matchmaking, mentoring & discovery sessions between energy companies & deep-tech solutions and startups
CleanTech ScaleMatch Event #2
Bootcamp #3 Matchmaking, mentoring & discovery sessions between energy companies & deep-tech solutions and startups
Growth Booster
CleanTech DemoDay Gala
Evaluate POCs implementation progress generated in 2024

Clean Energy Resiliency in SEE

Tech Innovation Program for EU Economic Impact​

This annual program is particularly suited for entities developing effective technological solutions with the potential to positively impact the European Union’s economy. It is free of charge and will run facilitated by Techcelerator in Romania, the innovation diaspora and international collaborators

Key Team Members

Cristian Dascalu
Managing Partner Techcelerator

Extensive experience in the investment & VC industry being an experienced investment jury of the European Innovation Council and Google for Startups

Ramona Moldovan Deputy Secretary General - Ministry of Energy

Experienced expert in governmental businesses and management of public sector reforms and funding with more than 18 years experience in the Romanian and Western Balkan region

Silvia Ursu
Associated Partner Techcelerator

Innovation expert with a background in management consulting, startup ecosystem and investors’ relations
Diana Iosu Strategic Comms Partner - DifinePR
Over 23 years of experience in communications, with expertise in corporate communication, media relations, crisis communication, public affairs.

Utilized concepts

Open innovation

This program utilizes the ChallengeDriven Innovation (CDI) concepts that consist of a set of processes, business rules, workflows, tools, and principles that offer a diversity-based crowdsourced innovation framework and methodology to identify specifically targeted problem areas and opportunities and to develop actionable solutions for them taking into consideration the solutions offered by startups and innovators existing in the regional market.

Proof of Concept

Also known as proof of principle, is a realization of a certain idea, method, or principle to demonstrate its feasibility, or viability, or a demonstration in principle to verify that some concept or theory has practical potential. A proof of concept is usually small and may or may not be complete. These collaborative paid trials aim to test the feasibility of business concepts and proposals to solve business problems and accelerate business innovation goals.

Proof of Value

A proof of value (PoV) is sometimes used along proof of concept and differs by focusing more on demonstrating the potential customer use case and value, and is usually less in-depth than a proof of concept.