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Zanumi helps companies better manage their numbers via smart automation of financial reports so that they can focus on their business growth

Tukana (Infin8)

Manage and improve your finances, transfer money and get the best offers based on your needs.


The Future of Talent Tech Is Here


AI, made easy ettico is a no-code platform that lets you create, import and integrate AI solutions that grow your business is designed to autonomously deliver food, grocery and parcels from shops to your doorstep, combining state of art nex-gen navigation technology with appealing design. Working with online order platforms and dark kitchen/stores, we empower local delivery to be faster, smarter, risk-free and cost-efficient.


Affordable communication platform for any business. worldwide


AI which negotiates prices with your customers


AI TEAM COACHING NO DOWNTIME. JUST COACHING IN THE WORKFLOW Maximize teams’ efficiency and productivity while keeping online meetings short and effective


We offer automotive reviews and connect readers with all auto companies.


Unleash Efficiency and Drive Growth with our Cutting-Edge Automation Platform


With Costifier, Companies create their specific model from their data and make highly accurate (> 90%) and fast (1-2 sec) cost estimation by using automatic calculation feature from 3D geometry file.


The future of dynamic traffic management


Cut your losses and boost your sales with our easy-to-use precise sizing solutions.


Augmented Reality in your business Transform traditional materials (advertising, informational, educational, etc.) into modern AR objects displayed on a smartphone.


Recognize object, people in your video content, create shoppable experiences, make your video archive searchable and more !

Typing AI

Secure Typing Biometrics Authentication API Identifies the users by the way they type using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


user walkthroughs & tutorials for user onboarding process

PAN SafeKids

SafeKids is an AI-powered app designed to support parents and children to make the internet a safer space

Alter Medico

The Efficiency Centric Healthcare Platform We empower healthcare providers in Romania to deliver incredible patient experiences

Agora Robotics

We build an evolving ecosystem of complementary autonomous robots that perform different functions and communicate with each other. And all of them collaborate with humans through only one intuitive graphic interface for fleet management. This enables custom optimizations of the robot fleet for the needs of each client.

TAO Technology

We create Tao WAF, which is based on machine learning; this means that our firewall learns from data and evolves on its own, but it’s also flexible because it’s not just an algorithm but an AI model that can make independent decisions based on data. Using AI, we create a new generation of firewalls that improve the security level of web sites.


We have completed the administration panel with evolution statistics for mentors. The mobile application is already in testing. We are currently working on the machine learning algorithm component that we will complete at the beginning of 2023. We hope to receive support in the accelerator and to give start to sales

Zaya Artificial Intelligence

Diagnosing pathologies with AI


3minutesjob is a platform connecting employers willing to hire people internationally with people who wish to start working abroad.


Our Solution is working around each Rep, to extract relevant information on each Customer they are dealing with, to Live-Guide them through a Tailor-made Customer Journey.


Innovative and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Communities

Equinox XR

We enable marketing and tourist agencies to engage more people through quick and easy deployment of interactive, gamified Augmented Reality conten

AreyLight AI

We make learn autonomous systems how to use their energy efficiently withAi


Working on artificial intelligence-based technology that might be used to create a high-tech surveillance system that could be used to create a virtual border wall. We are using smart aerial drones that will be able to take off, and land vertically and augmented reality for enhanced border management.


We help businesses reach their customers efficiently in Social Media Brands and Agencies use MOCAPP to optimise their marcom campaigns by 45% to 70%


Transforming knowledge into success Reduce time and cost of… research and development production anomaly management tidy data management


DGROOPS is a healing solution for Group travel we help Tour Operators & Hotels to recover after COVID with the new way of doing business.

No Spoilers

No Spoilers is a solution for hospitality professionals. We make inventory control fast and easy.


iziBAC is a game-based learning app that brings back the joy of learning.


Book a table online or via mobile app in seconds


Softlead is an integrated software marketplace.

SPIN Analytics

SPIN Analytics, a team combined of ex-bankers, data scientists and credit modellers, has developed RISKROBOT, a next-generation explainable AI-based platform, to help a bank turn its risk modelling utility from an artisan workshop into an industrial factory


Bankspot is the platform that mediates the customer-bank relationship regarding the lending process. Simply put…We’re your lead agency.


SOLO is a one stop shop, 100% digital solution for easy administration and accounting of independent professionals, such as freelancers and gig workers.


Vestinda is an investment marketplace platform. Beginner and seasoned investors can connect multiple financial accounts to build a diversified portfolio and automate investments in only a few minutes.

Text’n Pay Me

Text’n Pay Me is a banking keyboard that enables banks’ clients to send money in any

Prime Dash

Prime Dash is a FinTech with a clearly defined mission: to democratize technology and support the financial institutions in their digital transformation process. Using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Advanced Analytics


A wearable helping children learn how to control themselves,cope with emotional flares and diminished attention problems.


AREYLight, founded to redefine Energytech and conserve electricity usage by ensuring that lighting units can be controlled remotely and efficiently through the use of artificial intelligence.


Solution based on a combination of on-premise edge devices that are tightly integrated with the cloud. This allows AiVA to be compliant with client’s data security policies while able to deploy and manage a distributed network of devices from a central location


We developed a unique AI software architecture for tumor and organs at risk delineation which is capable of learning contouring styles from radiotherapists so that the identification can be done in a fraction of a time with higher accuracy and objectivity


Exigo strives to replace the traditional way of doing physical rehabilitation with interactive games that motivate and guide patients, using AI motion tracking technology.


KFactory is turning factories into smart factories by innovating a core process in all factories – the production process. Disrupts manufacturing, by understanding the connection between human actions and performance


Solution that offers E2E collaboration and communication tools, project management, relationship management, buying and selling means and uses intelligent algorithms to automate, monitor, track and trace all dynamic parts of Procurement

Ocean Credit

Ocean Credit is a non-bank financial institution that instantly delivers 100% online unsecured consumer loans through card2card money transfer technology and uses big data & machine learning to assess risk and clients’ behavior

IceBreaker AI

Outsourced B2B Sales & Marketing for SaaS and Software agencies.


BillHeap helps accounting companies and departments process invoices 6 times faster and 3 times cheaper using a AI based web platform


Digitizing Health for speech therapists & children with speech delay


TimedFX matches user bids against one another in synchronized currency exchange events, giving everyone the market-clearing exchange rate. We give SMEs the best exchange rates possible – zero-spread, zero-arbitrage.


Goldring is one of the most active investment brokers in Romania, both due to the attraction of new companies on the stock exchange and the digitalization process it creates for the benefit of clients.


OptimRent is a complete Property Management Web Based Platform. We are 3 founders who have been friends for the last 25 years, we all studied at the same school specialising in Computer and Software sciences.


LeaseMan provides landlords, owners, developers and even tenants looking to sublease their space with a platform to manage and list available spaces while having access to quality and qualified leads interested at short or long term office leasing.


A learning game for children and parents to easily understand finances. With an engaging game, poised with riddles and challenges, the children are able to discover financial concepts and dynamics. Because the learning is done on top of familiar concepts, the users feel safe and at the same time curious.


KidsFinance offers a Duolingo for financial education associated with a prepaid card for children. Currently, financial education is not a priority for parents or school, and young people risk being unprepared for certain important decisions.


Finpathic, financial roboadvisor: takes into account someone’s financial details, looks through 150 years of data and finds that portfolio which maximizes the probability to reach his or her goals.

Enso Business

Enso Business, a web-based platform that rethinks the way businesses and services providers connect and engage. Enso is the platform where businesses #meetENSOurce trusted suppliers for business administration & facility needs.


AlphaBlock is a General AI company with a vision to build cross-domain applications. In the financial domain, the company’s AI framework has proven to deliver AI processes capable of generalizing the portfolio construction process.

22Trust Venture

22Trust Venture is a B2B startup offering retail banks to introduce AI-driven dynamic pricing in their Lending activities. is a virtual meeting assistant that helps individuals and teams increase productivity and eliminate redundant meetings through the use of speech recognition, natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology.


Metabeta is a suite of tools for startup accelerators and early-stage funds: quality deal flow, streamlined diligence processes, metrics and OKR tracking, mentor and network engagement, and more.


MOCAPP is an Influencer Ads Platform helping businesses reach their customers efficiently in social media.


MyConnector is the swiss knife of event management platforms. Flexible enough to accommodate almost any use case, and complex enough to cover all the fine details that agencies need and clients love.


We are building an AI platform that has four main modules: observability, alert noise reduction, event correlation and automated root cause analysis


Premium cars delivered within minutes and collected at your destination.


MediNav is a medical digital assistant that gives doctors back their time with patients. MediNav gives doctors back their time with patients by digitizing patient-doctor interactions and supporting clinical decisions just by listening to doctor’s speak.


APIs that flawlessly deliver artificial intelligence solutions for today’s challenges, opening the way for tomorrow’s smart economy.

RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling is the world’s most realistic indoor cycling simulator. Experience the best in action-packed virtual races, enjoy riding with friends on a group ride and use structured workouts and training plans to get fitter, faster and stronger.


Soleadify builds targeted lists for your personalised outreach, powered by data you can’t find anywhere else; 43M+ companies across 100+ countries.


Aggranda creates software robots that automate the repetitive and mundane processes from companies. This way, Aggranda helps humans to have more time in their lives and companies to scale faster.


YeParking is the Waze of parking spots – easily map, list, find and use existing parking spots in your area. Always connected. A one-stop-shop for your parking needs!


AMSIMCEL develops a high performance computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for the acceleration of Integrated Circuits (IC) Physical Verification.


OncoChain creates a huge blockchain database with real-world data about cancer patients in order to generate useful analytics that can orientate clinical research

Voxi Kids

Voxi Kids is the first platform that brings together speech therapists & kids through an exciting app with special exercises and tools to improve kids listening skills, pronunciation & attention span.

Data Against Data

We’re here to make the internet a safer place for you and your loved ones by offering you the unique chance to discover the companies that have your data and reclaim it. is a consumer credit aggregation platform for physical retailers and services providers offering point-of-sales financing to their customers.

SmartCover by Lab7

SmartCover by Lab7 is a smart chair cushion that tracks your posture and teaches you how to sit correctly.


Omnicare provides a SaaS that allows customers to write on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger, and we feed that information into the customer care (customer service) software of the customer is the first online marketplace that manages the selling of your electronics and brings trust & transparency in SH device buying by offering devices curated by experts.


Prokuria provides cloud-based sourcing and procurement solutions that help organizations automate procurement and achieve cost and time savings.


SecurifAI offers a broad range of software systems for video processing and analysis using state-of-the-art AI algorithms that are based on our own research conducted by a team of top class researchers.


Flixier is an online video editing tool which dramatically speeds up the editing workflow saving editors and remote teams a lot of time with 1-minute video rendering on any computer, streamlined communication features and real-time Google Docs collaboration style for video editors.


Cyscale is the first Romanian Cloud Cybersecurity Company that provides dedicated Cloud Cybersecurity Services and works on Cloud Security products.


Confidas is an online platform that helps small businesses get paid on time by providing unique credit reports for more than 600.000 active Romanian companies.


BAAM is a real estate marketplace based on AI and Blockchain which engages real estate customers to buy properties overseas timely, wisely, securely and seamlessly.

Formula DB

Build your own business applications instantly using familiar spreadsheet formulas. No coding skills required.


Change the paradigm on how content is delivered. A decentralized network will boost the performance, save the cost by paying less for datacentre space and traffic while protecting against copyright with our state of the art video forensics solution.


Beez is a reward program for our partners and for our users and it provides extra income, thru cashback, automated savings by rounding up credit card payments, automated expense tracking and budgeting and tow-click micro-investing and pear to pear landing possibilities.


XVision offers high-accuracy, fast radiography diagnostics that has standardized results and that provide an explanation.


Real time guide for the best places in town


We bring established stock trading know-how and make it available for retail investors and using technology we can offer extra information that will make life easier for investors.

SmartCover by Lab7

SmartCover by Lab7 is a smart chair cushion that tracks your posture and teaches you how to sit correctly.


MiioSMILE simplifies the workflow between the dentists and dental technicians providing essential al features such as: one-to-one collaboration, easy networking tools (based on location), and so much more.


AppSeed is a full stack web app generator that allows you to choose a visual theme and apply it on a full, but flexible, technology stack in just a few minutes, greatly improving development time from visual design to application deployment.


Ialoc offers restaurants a complete reservations management solution which allows them to manage not only the online reservations, but also the reservations derived from other channels, like phone or email.

Apiary Book

Apiary Book allows recording on a mobile phone of information on the number, health and maintenance of each bees family, treatments carried out, and other operations in the field of beekeeping.


CGI Optimisation tool for the architecture and construction industry. WireFame is the first platform targeting the process optimization of the architectural visualization segment based on impact-choice


A unique combination of mechanical simplicity / reliability, low cost, low weight and minimal packed volume with a remarkable diverse array of possible use cases, some of them on the cutting edge of hardware technology (space exploration).


Talent Browse Is a B2B marketplace that connects employers with available candidates, vetted by recruitment agencies. Instantly browse talent from dozens of agencies & book interviews with 2 clicks.


Uhura helps businesses effectively communicate with their users by providing a solution that enables to replace human interaction with customers by AI advisors

Connected Medical Devices

Connected Medical Devices helps both patients and caregivers have a normal live for as long as possible.


Our product is a mobile app with a simple and intuitive design that aims to offer a fun and captivating experience through challenges, tapping into the belonging and competition needs & habits of people.


RideSafe is a crash detection and e-call safety device that sends real-time critical information about your location and medical profile in case of need.

ZOOM Report

Zoom Report is a location intelligence web platform with integrated data from public sources that helps users with little knowledge in data processing to gain insights about local socio-demographics and economic environments.


Credify is designed to address both lending institutions, which are looking for solutions to increase the rate of loans granted without having an increase in the budget and customers (individuals and companies) or brokers who hunt the best lending offer.


We optimize plants and supply networks by starting to transform them into profitable innovation centers with integrated robotic applications and systems delivered by leading manufacturers