Ro AI Alliance: Igniting Innovation and Empowering Start-ups

The Romania AI Alliance, a highly anticipated event for technology enthusiasts, investors, and start-up founders, recently took place in Bucharest. This vibrant gathering brought together individuals with a shared passion for technology, networking, investments, and start-up development. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest news in tech, share opinions, and engage with special guests who specialized in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This edition of the event featured esteemed speakers, including Sebastian Burduja, the Minister of Innovation of Romania, who shed light on the government’s efforts to enhance the start-up ecosystem in the country. Here lies a summary of the event.

Sebastian Burduja’s Insights and Call for Reform:

As a well-spoken and knowledgeable speaker, Minister Sebastian Burduja addressed the crowd and expressed his concerns about the current state of start-up development in Romania. He highlighted the need for improvements in the Romanian legislation governing the creation of commercial entities, citing a 33-year-old law (law 31/p 90) that requires modernization to better support the new start-up scene. Minister Burduja emphasized the importance of tackling the challenges faced by start-ups during their early stages, particularly the difficulty of accessing funding, which often hinders their growth. He referenced a World Bank study that revealed many companies in Romania face significant obstacles and fail within the first five years. To address this, the minister proposed the creation of a Romanian Innovation Fund to provide crucial financial support during the critical early seed and pre-seed stages.



Promoting National Product Creation and Evolution of Technology:

Minister Burduja highlighted the need for more Romanian companies to focus on creating innovative products and exporting them, as this brings substantial value to the country’s economy. He suggested that the state should incentivize companies that develop national products, fostering an environment that encourages homegrown technological advancements and economic growth.


Andrei Petreanu’s Engaging Moderation and Discussion:

Andrei Petreanu, an esteemed moderator, played a crucial role in the event. His ability to control the crowd, engage with the public, and present new challenges in AI captivated attendees. One highlight of his contribution was a presentation where he interacted with the audience through an app, instantly displaying the number of people involved in various industries, the ratio of start-ups to investors, and other relevant statistics. This interactive approach fostered a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging active participation and meaningful exchanges.



Cristi Dascalu and Techcelerator’s Impressive Progress:

Cristi Dascalu, the host of the event and founder of Techcelerator, one of Romania’s top business accelerators, took the stage to share the organization’s remarkable progress since its inception in 2018. He revealed that Techcelerator has successfully supported 250 start-ups to date, with 50 of them focusing on AI. The impact of their work was evident in the impressive growth and valuation of start-ups within their program, with a majority falling within the range of 3-5 million euros. Cristi stressed the importance of solving problems with substance, as differentiation becomes increasingly challenging in the start-up ecosystem. He also highlighted the accelerated growth experienced by start-ups during their initial years, urging future entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and make an impact.



Networking Opportunities and Celebrations:

Following the insightful speeches and discussions, attendees were treated to a delightful atmosphere where they could enjoy bar drinks and snacks. This informal setting provided a valuable space for participants to forge new connections, meet potential partners, and engage in meaningful.