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100+ AI startups: mapping the Romanian landscape A list of more than 100 promising AI startups, spotted by Advancing AI

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become a driver of the economy in the coming years, with a positive net GDP impact that will top 13.5% by 2030.

As the adoption of AI technologies is expected to accelerate across a range of industries, having a clear view of the landscape and reaching the startups that develop AI or using AI algorithms in their core activity is the very first step in driving AI adoption.

Together with our partners at Google for Startups and with the support of GapMinder VC, ROTSA, Tech Angels, SeedBlink and Bucharest AI we’ve mapped more than 100 AI startups with promising use cases, founded in Romania or with Romanian founders.

What we aimed for with the report?

Estimate the depth of the AI landscape
Drive AI adoption in the startup ecosystem
Show the leading verticals in AI and promising startups
Encourage partnerships between AI startups and corporations

Why does your startup need to be here?

You’ll signal your presence in the first AI Map
You’ll become one of the innovators in the AI space
Potential clients & investors can easily reach you
You’ll get notifications and invites to Techcelerator’s AI programs

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