The Magic Behind

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Register your start-up here until the 13th of April


If you check all our criteria you'll be announced by 18th of April. Hint: We are looking for preSeed & Seed companies developing Fintech products, SaaS solutions, or integrating AI/ML technologies.


Our team together with industry experts will dive into your business


Based on your profile & needs we will matchmake you with top-notch investors and corporate partners


We will advise you and invite you to a dedicated session to refine & upgrade your pitch, in order to be as relevant as possible to our audience and catch everyone's attention


On the 27 & 28 of April you will have part of lots of new connections & 1-to-1 meetings with the most suitable investors & partners for your start-up


We will make sure that everyone got the right partners on board at the end of the event


And this is just the start of the journey of equipping your company with the right connections to boost your Go-To-Market partnering strategy and your Investment Readiness.


We will continue to be next to you in order to conclude the matchmakings with concrete outcomes


You will be included in our short list of candidates for future Investor Readiness programs