Batch #2 Selection Bootcamp – Meet our startups!

After a successful first batch, it’s time for a new round of start-ups to enter our program, grow their business and receive investment from GapMinder Venture Partners, our exclusive investment partners.

During the registration period, we received 172 applications, from 41 countries! 19 of them caught our eye, and took part in our Selection Bootcamp, for a round of face-to-face interviews with the members of GapMinder Venture Partners and our network of mentors!

We started bright and early on our first day, with speed pitching sessions. Every start-up had 3 minutes to best present their product and team, before moving on to interviews – the final selection stage.

Is your pitch deck strong enough to impress investors?

After the interviews, eight start-ups emerged victorious! And they are…

During the Selection Bootcamp, our finalists got to hear Smart Bill’s success story, straight from Mircea Capatana, one of the co-founders! On the second day, the start-ups that are entering the acceleration program had a full day of presentations, on the legal aspects of our program, business metrics and business development roadmap, as well as a growth hacking workshop to start better understanding their customer base and where to find new ones!

The road ahead entails 10 weeks of hard work, but also rewarding experiences. We can’t wait for the Demo Day, to see how much our Batch #2 start-ups will grow!

A big thank you goes to our mentors, who joined us for the two days to help us select the start-ups and also answered their questions! As well as to Banca Transilvania for hosting us, and to Chivas who once again made the networking part of the bootcamp so lively.

Meet Marvin Liao – 500 Start-ups!

At Techcelerator, the team is constantly working on improving our offer for start-ups. Through our acceleration program, and the Investors’ Dinner series, our start-ups have access to business development workshops and investment opportunities. Yet we feel that is not enough!

Because our mission is to support founders and strengthen the Romanian start-up ecosystem, we created a new series of events in which we bring mentors from all over the world, from companies that are a driving force in the global start-up ecosystem.

For our first such event of Batch #2 – meet Marvin Liao, Partner at Micro Venture Capital Fund 500 Startups, San Francisco 500 Startups Accelerator Manager and investor in seed stage startups.

We had the pleasure of hosting Marvin for an entire day, as he shared his knowledge on growth strategies from Silicon Valley. Four of our alumni start-ups - Appseed, FormulaDB, RideSafe and WireFrame -  had the opportunity to sit down with Marvin for one-on-one office hours and work on their growth plans!

And because we couldn’t miss the opportunity of having Marvin around to share his valuable insight, we prepared an evening talk, open to the local start-ups ecosystem!

The topic of the evening - “From Startup to ScaleUp, Best Practices for Growth in Silicon Valley”

Here are some highlights of his keynote speech:

Last, but not least – Don’t be afraid to be MORE AMBITIONS!

Thank you to TechHub Bucharest for hosting us and to Chivas for providing the drinks for the networking part of the evening!

Our next open event, on December 7th at TechHub, will bring two special guests from Seedrs - the first equity crowdfunding platform!

The topic: raising funds at early stage. Sounds good?

Investors’ Dinner – 2018, 20th September @ TechFest Bucharest


We continue our Investors’ Dinner series, with an exciting partnership! For our last event, we partnered up with TechFest – the most complex technology festival in Romania, in order to expand our platform and give even more visibility to our start-ups.

Who were the ones doing the pitching?

We make sure to find and promote start-ups that are putting their sweat into creating innovative technological products. At the same time, we make sure to work with start-ups from a variety of markets. We strive present a diverse group of teams hustling to improve their products, and become the next unicorn. We are certain they can bring value to our network of investors.

Why join our network of investors?

Should you like to take part in our next Investors’ Dinner, contact us at:

Beta Bootcamp 2018 - Wrap-up

Up in the morning, until late in the evening, our mentors were next to the start-ups, during the Beta Bootcamp.

So, let’s make a short wrap-up.

First, there was coffee and some goodies. Then, on stage came Patrick Gates,  Director of Business Development EEMA at Technology Investment & Development, and he told us about business development & sales, in a blunt, but yet positive way.

Afterwards, we had an invigorating break where we infused on coffee and sweets, and then we returned in the company of Cristian Orășanu, the Strategy Director of Techcelerator. Here, he invited startups to pitch, but this time with no slides. After, they received feedback from the mentors, team and audience.

When all startups finished pitching, they had gatherings where they exchanged ideas with the team and the GapMinder Venture Partners.

After we had some of the questions answered, we returned to attend a talk held by Dan Mihăescu, Managing Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners and Bogdan Herea, CEO at PitechPlus, where they discussed funding options and how to make sure you are ready for the next seed investment.

Then, we had one more stretching break and we returned to have the last talk, where Matei Dumitrescu, Vice President of Techangels Romania talked about Revenue Models by pinpointing to each startup ways they could earn more.

Of course, we had to mingle a bit afterwaafterwarde did. All in all, we can say that Beta Bootcamp was a blast! We want to thank our mentors and startups for joining us and of course, to OK Center for hosting us! See you next time!

Meet our Beta Bootcamp Mentors

On May 23rd, we start the second Bootcamp for the selected startups - the Beta Bootcamp. Here, they will have the chance to take part in new training sessions, on various topics, under the keen eye of our reputed mentors.

These being said, let’s see what have our mentors in plan for this edition.

We start in the morning with Patrick Gates, Director of Business Development EEMA at Technology Investment & Development, LLC who will share his in-depth knowledge of Business Development & Sales.

Afterward, we take a short invigorating break, we continue with Cristian Orășanu, the Strategy Director of Techcelerator who will talk about Pitching - Act 1.

In the second part of the day, we will have on stage Bogdan Herea, CEO at Pitech Plus & Dan Mihăescu, Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners, who both will share a bit of light with their cool talk on Get Ready for the next investment round.

After another stretching break, we return with the last speaker, but not the least, Matei Dumitrescu, Vice President at Tech Angels, who will talk about one of the most desired topics: Revenue Models.

And then, of course, we will socialize or how we like to say it - mingle.

This event, just like the previous bootcamp is not open to the public. Though, we will keep you posted with useful  insights for the entire community on our Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram accounts!

Alpha Bootcamp 2018 - wrap-up

From the first hours of the morning until late in the evening, we could hear the wonder of our 14 startups that reached this stage of Techcelerator. Their sharp wits and the flood of questions they addressed to our mentors, had reminded us why Techcelerator was born - to help these talents grow.

We started early, at 9 a.m at La Firul Ierbii, with a session of meet and greet and of course, coffee - when it comes to infusing so much knowledge, the dark-brown liquor is indispensable. After the sleepy eyes were substituted by curious ones, the Alpha Bootcamp had officially begun.

First, on stage was Cristian Orășanu, the Strategy Director of Techcelerator, who shared some of his energy with the crowd, talking about Product Development and their do’s and don'ts. Followed by a short but well-deserved coffee break, Vlad Ionescu, the Online Marketing Manager of UiPath, the first Romanian Unicorn shared with us some insights he and his team have used to conquer the online world.

Afterward, after two sessions of intense feasting on knowledge, the startups went to feast on, finally, edible items, at GastroPub. Subsequent to the lunch break, we returned to La Firul Ierbii, where Elena Cârstoiu, Co-Founder at Hubgets and COO at 4PSA told us about go-to-market, or as she liked to say: the beachhead market for your company.  

Coming as an add-on, Ana-Maria Udriște, Co-Founder & Lawyer at Avocatoo, talked about Legal Hotspot - how can you protect your idea and what can you trademark.

Two intense talks later, we find ourselves in the last coffee break, where startups play a constant ping-pong of ideas between themselves and with the mentors.

Closing on a high note, was Cosmin Ochișor, the newest Partner of GapMinder Venture Partners, who talked about Techclerator’s Termsheets and also held a Q&A session.

It’s needless to say we strongly believe Alpha Bootcamp was a blast! The present startups vore on the answers of mentors, asking them about several details, be them small or important. We are proud to see how passionate they all were - both startups and mentors, and we are looking forward to see seeingm at the next bootcamp!