Following a national selection, Techcelerator was elected to collaborate in Romania with EIT Digital - a leading European organization driving Europe’s digital transformation. In this capacity, Techcelerator will look for, and connect to EIT Digital, Romanian start-ups with high growth potential (scale-ups).

Techcelerator will actively scout local tech companies with more than € 500,000 in annual revenue, preferably € 3-5M, developing innovative products and services included in one of the following verticals:

The digital companies introduced by Techcelerator will be further evaluated by the members of the ARISE Europe, EIT Digital’s program designed to stimulate regional growth in EU countries, for inclusion in EIT Digital’s Accelerator. All companies interested in such opportunity can contact Techcelerator at for more details.

Thomas Kösters, ARISE Country Lead at EIT Digital says: “So far, EIT Digital has been active in Romania mainly in the education field. However, with this collaboration with Techcelerator, we are entering the vibrant Romanian scale-up ecosystem.”

In turn, Cristina Țoncu, Techcelerator director, adds: “This collaboration with such a relevant European organization proves that we have the right skills and know-how to deliver the most suited candidates to scale-up. We are in the heart of the ecosystem and we can take a thorough look at all the Romanian rising stars in the digital industry.”

EIT Digital Conference



Techcelerator and Hexagon Venture (as Innovation Center in Romania) will attend the 4th edition of the EIT Digital annual flagship conference. Under this year’s theme ‘For a Strong Digital Europe’, more than 1,000 digital experts & opinion leaders will gather on September 10 in Brussels to get the latest on Europe’s digital future and discover opportunities to grow their digital business.

We are very excited to discover the 100+ ground-breaking digital deep tech innovations and live demos on display @ Conference Innovators’ Village and grow our network in the arranged matchmaking sessions.

Among the guests speakers, we name: Eva Kaili, Chair of the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA), KONUX CEO and Co-Founder Andreas Kunze, and Nuria Oliver, Chief Scientific Advisor at Vodafone Institute, who will share their views on Europe’s challenges and opportunities on the global digital market.

NASA Space Apps Challenge Romania


Houston, we have a HACK !

For the second time in a row, Bucharest will take part in the largest global hackathon! Space Apps is a 48 hours hackathon, engaging tens of thousands of problem solvers each year across the globe. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space. It is happening in more than 200 cities simultaneously gathering together. Techcelerator joins DiFine PR and Digital Transformers in bringing this event to life in Bucharest! 


Coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, students, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, and problem-solvers of all types, everyone enthusiastic about space is waited to develop innovative solutions for the challenges given by the Spatial Agency. 

We wish them happy hacking, space is the final frontier for their solutions! 

Launchpad 2SCALE


October 28th, 2019 marks another hot day in our program life. Animated by the great vibe created around the How to Web Conference [link] and our goal to boost systematically our Alumni growth, Techcelerator, in partnership with Google is organizing the 4th edition of Google LaunchPad: LaunchPad2Scale as a How To Web pre-conference event.

In this edition, Google and Techcelerator program join forces to carry out the 1st ever Google LaunchPad 2Scale in Romania! Google LaunchPad2Scale is a one-day problem scaling bootcamp for early-stage startups.

6 mentors with international expertise in growing products and coaching startup founders and specifically in topics like Product Strategy, Internationalization & Scaling, Technology, and Marketing as well as Pitching, Finance or VC will join us in Bucharest and help them achieve rapid progress in a very short time. 

Diana Olar, Poland, Regional Platforms Partners Manager, CEE @ Google

Vladimir Oane, Romania, Co-Founder @ Deepstash

Greg Albrecht, Poland, Strategy & Leadership Advisor @ Albrecht&Partners

Pavlína Louženská Cezch Republic, Founder & CEO @ #HolkyzMarketingu 

Joe Tonne, Germany, Founder @ WACKU

Jessica Rameau, UK/ Sweden, Partner and Chief Investment Officer @ Wellstreet Partners


We’ve got some Rocket Fuel for Startups!

Techcelerator is opening the applications for Batch #3 of startups to accelerate!


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Up to 1 million euros has been dedicated by our strategic partner, GapMinder VC, for the startups in our 3rd cohort! Will you be one of the startups to join the Techcelerator community?

HOW it works?


WHO are we looking for?


WHY apply?

Partnering with AIESEC - a benefit for startups and students

Impressions after first internship session following Techcelerator – AIESEC program

As many of you probably know, we recently became proud partners of the international youth association, AIESEC, and together we are matching brilliant foreign students with our energetic start-ups from the current Techcelerator program. Not to mention it is a first in Romania!
More precisely, talented international youngsters can help the start-ups founders enrolled our in second batch in areas such as graphic design, web development, marketing/PR and business development, during a two months internship program. So far, we accepted eight students from Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. To give you a taste of the interns’ experience, we asked a few questions to the first student who “graduated” from the program. His name is Eugenio Barzanti, is 22 old, comes from Università di Bologna in Italy, and he spent more than 60 days with BAAM team,  providing business development support. To refresh your memory, BAAM is a real estate marketplace based on AI and Blockchain, which engages real estate customers to buy properties overseas timely, wisely, securely and

Here’s what Eugenio had to say about his two months with BAAM and Techcelerator team:

 What was your interest when choosing to have an experience with a tech startup outside the country? (rather than a corporation or a Italian startup) 

I made this choice for two reasons in particular, firstly I really would have liked to improve my English skills and its use in a multicultural context; secondly for the curricular value of an abroad activity.

 Why did you choose Romania for having this experience?

I've chosen Romania for the type of the opportunity and the activity related to it, but (to be honest) not for the country itself.

 What was your experience while working with a tech startup? 

The experience has been amazing, I've learned more than I could have thought. I've improved my skills about what I've studied at the university putting the theory in practice, but I've also learned a lot of things about fields and technologies I didn't know, participating to
exclusive events and meetings.

 Which are the advantages or disadvantages when choosing to have an internship with a startup vs internship in a corporation? 

The advantages are, for sure, the opportunity to see the true development of a project itself from the inside and being close to the mission/vision of it; the opportunity to make a real difference with a lot of responsibilities.

 What did you know about the start-ups ecosystem in Romania and if anything changed regarding this while being here? Was is better / worse / as expected? 

I hadn't a real solid knowledge about the startup ecosystem in Romania and neither about the country itself. I'm really happy to have made this choice because now I've extended my vision and the result is way better than something I could expect in any country.

 How can we improve this experience for other students? What is it important for a student to know in advance when taking this experience?

I should say that in my opinion everything was great in the experience. I mean, I had time for visiting around and enjoying Bucharest. I worked with Charis (D.) Stengos directly and I worked with the accelerator’s team. I couldn't hope for anything more 🙂
As for what is important for a student to know before hand, I think they should just know what they will have to do, would be a great opportunity for all of them!

 What did you like most about Techcelerator (team, info, structure etc.)?

I liked in particular the team for the high level of professionalism, but also for the kindliness and support in general regarding having me there. I also loved the different events and meetings I attended; they have been so interesting and motivating.

 Will you continue the collaboration with BAAM? Is it difficult for a student to work remotely for a tech startup? 

I really would like to continue my experience with BAAM and I hope so (at the moment, I'm still finishing the last assignment). Charis has been amazing and I will never thank him enough for everything. I'll try to do my best also from here (e.n. Italy) and I'll help him with
his startup as much as I can. Absolutely no, It's so easy working with the method we have used and we are still using: a weekly assignment (like notes, pdf, ppt, etc..) to be delivered by email, using, in case something unexpected or urgent happens, Skype to communicate.