Batch #2 Selection Bootcamp – Meet our startups!

After a successful first batch, it’s time for a new round of start-ups to enter our program, grow their business and receive investment from GapMinder Venture Partners, our exclusive investment partners.

During the registration period, we received 172 applications, from 41 countries! 19 of them caught our eye, and took part in our Selection Bootcamp, for a round of face-to-face interviews with the members of GapMinder Venture Partners and our network of mentors!

We started bright and early on our first day, with speed pitching sessions. Every start-up had 3 minutes to best present their product and team, before moving on to interviews – the final selection stage.

Is your pitch deck strong enough to impress investors?

After the interviews, eight start-ups emerged victorious! And they are…

  • BAAM – a real estate marketplace based on AI and Blockchain which engages real estate customers to buy properties overseas timely, wisely, securely and seamlessly.
  • – a hardware and software solution for detecting, in real-time, heart arrhythmia.
  • FormulaDB – a database and low-code platform allowing business users to implement their own data-intensive applications without any programming skills. Development is done purely using existing knowledge of Spreadsheet Formulas.
  • Uvibe – listens to social signals in real time and then, based on your preferences, recommends the best places to go out in your city. uVibe has got you covered whether you want to eat, drink, dance or just hang out with friends.
  • Use-BEEZ – a reward program for their partners and for their users, providing extra income, through cashback, automated savings by rounding up credit card payments, automated expense tracking and budgeting, tow-click micro investing, and pear to pear landing possibilities.
  • XVision – an automated x-ray analysis application that can output a diagnostic for a common x-ray and explain its decisions by providing a heat map of areas of interest in the image. It can be used both as a diagnosing assisting tool and as a screening tool, being able to tell if there’s any anomaly present in the scan and exactly what disease is causing it.
  • DCDN – a Decentralized Content Delivery Network for static video and photo content. Platforms like YouTube or Netflix will be able to deliver their content faster and cheaper taking advantage of value added services of payment, licensing and anti-piracy forensics.
  • StockBerry – artificial intelligence and advanced statistics app that computes a relevant sentiment indicator and evaluates the risk of your stock or crypto-currency portfolio.