Investors Days - Techcelerator Portfolio Showcase

Cristina Toncu

Feb 2019

1M Investment Readiness #1 is the program offered to technology start-ups that are preparing to attract SEED-type investors, so they can raise successive rounds of investments of up to one million euros and to understand the complexity of the investment context.

Meet our selected startups
1. 1ID Travel Tech start-up specializing in contactless immigration and security solutions. 1ID provides Blockchain-based digital passports for travelers and dashboards for controlling arrivals and departures at airports; it performs passport control 20 times faster using the OneLink system, which facilitates data sharing between airports.

2. 3minutesjob is a recruitment solution where companies can post their vacancies worldwide. They are listed by proximity or can be found by niche (e.g. relocation jobs, inexperienced jobs or work from home). Candidates can upload videos and images, fill out relevant forms, to be followed by recruiters.

3. Data Against Data provides the solution to a problem we face every day: everything we do on the internet is recorded and collected by a vast active system, behind sites and applications. Data Against Data shows users which companies have their data and gives them the power to request access to, or even delete that data.

4. DGROOPS is the commercial version of the SAAS group booking platform. It offers both a market and a back office system for all participants in a group trip. The solution digitizes the analog process of B2B group bookings.

5. Equinox XR - allows you to reach a younger audience expecting augmented reality games and entertainment, with location-based gamified marketing campaigns, informative virtual tour guides, and educational content.

6.Inteligg develops products and services and engages in research in the fields of energy, transport, environment and rural applications.

7. Momsi is a social application and market only for mothers, which facilitates real-life interactions and micro-communities, through proximity matching and a common interests / needs algorithm. Momsi facilitates the (social) care that every mother needs in the early years and helps mothers save time, energy and money.

8. – is a data-driven SaaS that optimizes processes and workflows for advertising professionals who implement marketing campaigns.

9. MyConnector is the "Swedish multifunctional knife" for event management platforms. Flexible enough to accommodate almost any scenario and complex enough to cover the finest details that agencies need and customers love.

10. RepsMate - increases agent performance and customer satisfaction and reduces associated operational costs by automating quality and compliance processes, as well as other functionalities that deeply analyze the interaction between representatives and customers.

11. RobCo S.W.A.T develops state-of-the-art open-source robotic solutions, using both: x86 and ARM architecture. This allows the mass deployment of SBCs (single board computers) for Industry 4.0 and STEM educational projects.

12. Softlead is an all-in-one B2B platform that uses augmented analytics to select the best software solutions using companies' digital DNA.

13 Tehnologii exponențiale (TX) is an AI industrial platform that helps researchers, engineers and data scientists develop new materials, chemicals and process parameters.

14. Izibac is a mobile application that helps you learn for baccalaureate in a modern and fun way.

15. Octavic helps you improve the way you manage your manufacturing operations.