KickOff! Bootcamp 2018 - wrap-up

The first edition of Techcelerator KickOff! Bootcamp 2018 has ended successfully! Starting from the first hours of the morning, until evening, for the past couple of days, we nurtured our 20 startups, both local and international,  with valuable workshops and business advice.

During the first day of the bootcamp, on 29th of March, Prof. Răzvan Cherecheș, Ph.D., teaching at  Babeş-Bolyai University and experienced trainer on cross skills taught our startups on how to improve their pitching game. Afterward, coming with an experience of more than 300 presentations, Mihai Zamfir trained our startups on how to improve the way they design their pitches. Afterward, on the stage came Marius Ursache founder of Discipline Entrepreneurship Toolbox. We continued the day with interviews with our mentors and the present startups.

Then, on the 30th March, our startups had 1 on 1 meetings with our prolific mentors and polished the last details of their presentations. Then, they came on stage and pitched their business.

Although there were 20 startups that had impressed us with their presentations, our judges and investors had to choose a number of startups to finalize the investment process with. Thus, among the present ones they chose 14 startups that impressed  them more. Here they are:

We want to thank our partners, mentors, coaches, and startups for joining us in the first edition of KickOff! Bootcamp. We wish everyone the best of luck in their upcoming journey and we expect those who didn’t make it until here to not feel discouraged, go on working on their solutions and apply either in September for Batch #2 or next year in March for Batch #3.

We’ll keep you in touch with the progress of our enrolled startups. Stay tuned!


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